Time and How To Spend It


These exercises are designed :
– to increase your experience intelligence
– to get you using the STORIES checklist
– to increase your day to day joy and your long-term happines… and your success in life too :-)

Start at the red ‘homework!’ block, download the list of tasks… and get started!

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A few happy tasks :-)

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Hero's Journey_BonW.png

The Hero’s Journey

Use this as a rough ‘mud map’ to get more out of your weekends, holidays, and life in general.


The Man in Hole x Hero’s Journey

If you prefer this version, use this ‘man in hole x hero’s journey’ version of the ‘mud map’ to analyse experiences from your past, know where you are today, and make plans for the future.


Your ‘OO’ Journal

Use this to figure out how much you spend outside and offline. You may be surprised!



Use the DARG FUNC checklist to design – and have! – more experiences that connect you with the present moment.


Sample chapter

Find out why we think we’re time-poor, when really we’re time-rich, and discover the 7-rule checklist for richer, happier living.

Time And How Checklist.png

The STORIES checklist

Whenever you’re wondering about what to do… with your evening, weekend, holiday or, well, your life, use this science-backed checklist to ensure you’re getting the most out of your most precious resource: your time.


The NEW Peak End Rules

Use this to design experiences that create lasting memories, and more happiness :-)