Strangers on a train

I received a great email!

Hi James,

So I’m on my commuter train this morning, Monday 7.45am and I’m up to around p172 of Time and How to Spend It. I’m looking round the train noting the distinct lack of conversation. The two women next to me are friends chatting. The seat on my other side is vacant. Next stop, a woman gets on and takes the seat. As she sits down she says, “I’ve just started reading that book too”. We laugh. Her name is Lydia. I tell her I was just reading the page about talking to strangers on the train. We laugh some more. 

It will also provide an amusing story in the kitchen at work when I arrive - double points. 

I always used to roll my eyes at my Nana who used to chat to everyone on the bus. You’d pick her up at the station and she’d have some poor person’s life story. But you’ve convinced me she was on to something so I’m going to give it a try on my way home. 
Thank you,