Time and How To Spend It

Listen up!

Some of the legends of radio have wanted to talk about Time And How To Spend It with James Wallman.

Click the links below to hear the questions they asked, and James’s replies…

  • Chris Evans on Virgin Radio

  • On the grey drop down menu at the top left, select 9-9.30, and listen from 13.20-end.

  • Then, select 9.30-10, and listen from beginning till 07.30.

  • Chris Evans on Virgin Radio II

  • Chris invited James back to talk about the book again! Because, as Chris said, ‘there’s just so much in here, we could talk about a different chapter every week’.

  • We’ll add the link soon.

  • Simon Mayo on Scala


Some other radio appearances for Time And How To Spend It

  • Pat Kenny on Newstalk Radio, Ireland

  • BBC Radio Leeds

  • BBC Radio Wales

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