Time and How To Spend It

Malavika Varadan…

In this fab TEDx talk, Dubai-based radio jockey Malavika shares her tips to kickstart a conversation with just about anyone.

In Time And How To Spend It, Malavika appears in the chapter about the importance of relationships, called ‘The Girl With The Opposite of Loneliness’.

She’s right after we’ve heard from two professors who discovered the curious counterintuitive truth about how much all of us enjoy talking with strangers far more than we think we will – and strangers enjoy talking with us far more than we think they will too.


BJ Fogg

BJ Fogg is one of those super smart people who’s also super friendly – and he has a super power that enables him to crunch complex concepts into simple ideas that make sense for simple people like me.

That makes me like him. And his ideas. Even more so because he’s figured out how to help people get out of ruts they’ve gotten into, and on track to the sort of healthy habits they aspire to. He calls this Tiny Habits.

BJ appears in a few places in Time And How To Spend It. His starring moment is in the final part of the book.

I think there’s no point having knowledge and not using it, and that once you’ve got to the end of the book and learned what you should do to achieve happy, resilient success – it’s key that you actually use this knowledge in your life.

And I think BJ’s Tiny Habits tool is super useful for doing that: for helping us waste less time on waste-of-time experiences, and spend more time on ones that’ll lead to STORIES and the happy, resilient successful life they lead to.

This video gives a great intro to Tiny Habits… and reveals how often BJ pees each day ;-)


Amber Keneally

Amber’s the one in the middle.

She’s married to the crazy guy on her right, our left.

He’s Scott. He’s the guy who failed time and time again but kept on, no matter what – with loads of support from Amber – until he made his movie, Rise of the Sufferfests.

Scott’s uncanny ability to get knocked down, but get back up again made him the hero of the chapter on the importance of intensity, ‘Mr Mouse, The Scaredy Cat, and the Rise of The Sufferfests’.

(The other guy in the pic is the fireball of energy that is Ed Gamester.)


Šárka Elias

Šárka Elias is awesome!

Šárka sings from the heart, and every time I hear her she touches something simple but deep inside me.

When I came home one Sunday, after a weekend away, holding her CD with this song on, I put it in the machine and the whole family – my wife, her Mum, and my 2 kids danced around the lounge with joy.

If ever we need a pick-me-up in the morning, to begin the day with a bit more pep-in-our-step, we put this on.

Never fails :-)

(Šárka appears in the chapter on the importance of intensity in your life, and how dancing and singing with others is awesome for happiness :-)


Marina Keegan…

Marina Keegan is the inspiration for the chapter on the importance of relationships, ‘The Girl With The Opposite of Loneliness’.

Watching this fantastic poem she wrote, and, as you can see, performed, makes me cry inside, and sometimes outside too.

It makes me want to call my Mum more often, and see her too. It makes me think of the incredible joy of life, the joy of having a Mum, and the sadness of mortality.

But forget how it affects me. Watch Marina, and her poem, Rolling Stones.